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Overview Page CW CW is a program for learning and practicing Morse Code (CW), written in the Ruby language. CLICK HERE to go straight to the Tutorial Legacy CW stands for Continuous-Wave and refers to a fixed...
Book Converting Page How to convert text to an MP3 sound file for use in an MP3 player.
Book Reading Page Here we look at how we can read a book with CW.
Callsigns Page In this tutorial we will practice randomly generated callsigns.
The cw executable Page Using the cw command line executable.
Farnsworth timing Page In this tutorial we check out the use of the extended_wpm command to utilize the ideas of Farnsworth Timing within our tests.
Five Common Words Page In this tutorial we will write several morse tests that generate 5 common random words - play them at our desired speed - and test our morse copying accuracy.
Fixed Length Words Page In this tutorial we will look at word length in more detail.
Learning the Alphabet Page In this tutorial we will see how to write tests aimed at learning the alphabet.
Letter and Number Groups Page In this tutorial we will generate groups of letters, numbers, and both! The ability to copy groups of letters and numbers is essential for copying callsigns ...
Letter Filtering Page In this tutorial we will look at filtering out words with specific letters for practice.
Pages Page This theme primarily uses pages. You need to make sure your pages have the appropriate frontmatter. One frontmatter tag your users might find helpful is the ...
Posts Page You can use posts when you want to create blogs or news type of content.
Program output Page Program output is configurable, making it possible to change colours to suit the shell background colour, or user preference.
Range of Word Lengths Page Here we will look at writing a script to test across a range of word lengths.
Release notes Page Version 0.2 of the CW documentation.
RSS Feed Reading Page Here we look at reading RSS feeds in CW.
Sidebar Source Page The sidebar navigation uses a jQuery component called Navgoco. The sidebar is a somewhat complex part of the theme that remembers your current page, highligh...
Reveal Mode Page Reveal mode can be used to hide output until the test conclusion.