In this tutorial we will practice randomly generated callsigns.

10 Callsigns

We can generate callsigns with the callsign command. We indicate how many callsigns we require with a following number:

  # callsign.rb

require 'cw'

cw do
  comment "test 10 callsigns"
  wpm 20
  callsign 10 

CQ DE callsign K

Here is a script that will generate 10 random callsigns, and wrap them with a preamble of ‘CQ DE ‘ and end with ‘K’. It will also randomize the frequency, and randomize the speed. Useful for contest practice!

# callsign_2.rb

require 'cw'

puts "cq de callsign k 5 times"
5.times do
  cw do
    comment 'random frequency, random wpm callsign with pre and postamble'
    frequency 500 + rand(400)
    wpm 25 + rand(10)
    (words.unshift "cq de") << 'k'