How to convert text to an MP3 sound file for use in an MP3 player.

Book to mp3 Converting

Books can be converted into a continuous mp3 file to enable book reading via an audio player.

In order to convert your book to a continuous mp3 file you need to have installed the command line utility ebook2cw by Fabian Kurz.

Relevant Commands

The commands used for converting a text book to a cw audio mp3 file are as follows:

 cw do
   book_name 'book.txt'
   book_dir 'books'
   audio_filename 'book.mp3'
   audio_dir 'converted_books'
   wpm 18

  • book_name is the name of the text book
  • book_dir is the directory containing the text book
  • audio_filename is the name of the target audio book
  • audio_dir is the directory to contain the target audio book

Further information regarding ebook2cw can be found here.