A dynamometer (often abbreviated as “dyno”) is a device that is used to measure power, torque, and other characteristics of an engine, motor, or other rotating machinery. A dyno is essentially a type of machine that applies a controlled load to the device being tested, in order to measure its performance.

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Cone Penetration Testing

CPT stands for Cone Penetration Test, which is a commonly used in-situ testing method for determining the properties of soil and rock. Seabed CPT scanning involves the use of a specially designed probe that is pushed into the seabed to measure various properties of the soil or sediment. The probe is typically equipped with sensors that measure the resistance, friction, and pore pressure of the seabed material.

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Installing MultimonNG (and QMake) on Ubuntu 17.10

I needed a copy of QMake to install MultimonNG on Ubuntu 17.10. QMake is a component of the Qt Framework. It is a utility to automate the generation of makefiles. The generated makefile is then used to build a final application (in this case MultimonNG).

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Pub real-ale selection menu

Here is an automated pub ale menu I created with the Ruby language, using the Sinatra framework, and some javascript. As ales are tapped and available for serving they appear on the blackboard as shown, complete with type, ABV, and price. Ales are entered into the system as they are tapped. This can trigger an update of a website containing a page showing the blackboard.